The Right Color Can Make Your House into A Dream Home

Did you know color can make all the difference? Your personality and taste is reflected in the interior and exterior colors of your house. Similarly the colors, of mainly the interior walls of your home, have a lot of influence on your moods and habits.
It’s easy to express who you are, to the world, when you choose the experts from Advance Home Painting. No matter what your goal, we’ll help you achieve it. Advance Home Painting assures expect a clean work area and a job well done.

To give you a clear idea about our work process:

Interior Walls:

  • Place drop cloths to cover the house accessories and floors
  • Wall scrubbing
  • First coat primer
  • First coat wall putty
  • Re-scrubbing of the walls
  • Second coat primer
  • First coat color
  • Touch up putty then light test
  • Touch up primer
  • Application of second and third coat paint
  • Roller finish of primer and paint
  • Vacuum clean the dust and residues from wall scrubbing
  • Cleaning of the work area

Exterior Walls:

  • Bio-washing the walls with anti-fungal pre-treatment paint
  • Water wash the walls to remove molds and mildews
  • Repairing of the wall surface
  • First coat primer
  • First coat touch up putty
  • Touch up primer
  • First coat paint
  • Second coat paint
  • Applying the third coat paint to all the boundary walls and main house area
  • Cleaning of the work area

Advance Home Painting offers full interior and exterior painting services for residential as well as commercial buildings. For each home owner, whether it is a single family house or duplex flats & apartments, we have the latest interior painting designs and perfect home painting solutions for you. Right from moving your furniture around to the last clearing of clutter, leave it all on us. We maintain neat and clean work environment.